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A pivotal bantamweight title eliminator went down this past Friday at Brave CF 10 in Amman Jordan between highly touted prospects, Frans Mlambo and Felipe Efrain.

SBG’s Mlambo scored a first round TKO win that didn’t come without controversy. He dropped Efrain with a short right hand and as Efrain made his way back up to his feet, the referee decided to intervene and stop the fight. A baffled Efrain protested the stoppage and has made it clear that he wants a rematch.

Unfortunately for Mlambo, who up to that point was looking crisp and fluid on his feet, the fight ended controversially. Once Efrain started protesting the referee’s call, Mlambo felt like the fight may have indeed been stopped a little too early.

Photo credit / Brave CF

“Well I wasn’t at first when the ref stepped up to stop it but just after he did, Felipe seemed to be ok on his feet and was contesting the stoppage already,” Mlambo explained. “That made me think maybe there was a few more shots needed to properly put a seal on the stoppage.”

And with the way things went down, Mlambo wouldn’t be surprised if the promotion decided to book a rematch.
“I totally understand why he would ask for a rematch,” Mlambo said. “I think we would have had a rematch anyways though given how the fight went.”

Brave Combat Federation have already announced their next show which will take place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on April 13th. Having to potentially put his title aspirations on hold, Mlambo is open to a rematch versus Efrain, should the promotion decide to go in that direction.

“I have my eye on that title and that’s the fight I’m thinking of right now but if Brave would like us to settle this now I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to Brazil not one bit.”

Photo credit / Brave CF

Despite only being in there with Efrain for just under 3 minutes, Mlambo is confident he has him figured out. He was waiting for the right shot that eventually landed.

“It surprised me how confident he was stepping up to me,” Mlambo said. “I could see it in his face that he thought he was going to just run through me so I moved around, kept him at range and was waiting for that lethal venomous Mamba strike.”

Should Brave decide to grant Mlambo his title shot, it’ll be a shot at redemption. Mlambo lost his promotional debut to current champion Stephen Loman via unanimous and has been itching to get that one back. He has finished his last 3 opponents and feels like he’s earned his way to the title shot.

And he would get the opportunity to avenge his loss to Loman while getting a shot at the coveted prize.

“I feel like I basically beat myself in that fight against Loman with all the very silly mistakes I made,” Mlambo said. “I’m not taking away that the champ did fight a very smart fight to get the win. That fight haunts me to this day and I feel like a fight against me and Loman is well over due.”


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